What We Do

What a fantastic 2018 summer season!!! Thank you all! *We will be closing for our season effective August 22, 2018. To book a reservation(s), please call 989-351-0279 *PRIOR* to your visit. Rental HQ will be open for **RESERVATIONS ONLY** from August 16th – 22nd. If you don’t have a reservation, we will not be there. Good Guys Adventure Co. is all about getting people outdoors to make new memories, develope relationships, and share stories. We think that our location in beautiful northeast lower Michigan provides the perfect opportunity for people happily disconnect from our increasingly fast-paced and hyper connected world. We offer Kayak, SUP Boards, and Bike rentals. Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to make great and priceless memories while enjoying the beautiful, clean, and pristine outdoors. It’s time to say goodbye to bored and hello to adventure!

***As of September 1, 2019 we are closed for the 2019 Summer Season. Thank you for your support! See you in the 2020 Summer season!!***
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